How it works:

Whether you need to print books, photos, postcards, or other documents, Tilia Labs has the tools you need to get the job done right. 

No Templates. None.

Tilia Phoenix uses an A.I.-driven, dynamic imposition calculation to determine the best fit for any sheet size or any press. 

You set the rules

Model your production environment inside of tilia Phoenix. Setup your presses, stocks, marks, and finishing equipment then let Imposition A.I. do the rest. 

Simple drag & drop interface

Enjoy a smooth and modern experience that makes your project easy to handle. Say goodbye to difficult software that doesn’t allow for universal use.

Out-of-the-box CSV integration

Quickly automate tilia Phoenix with data from your website or business system using CSV spreadsheets. 

Start with Simple Step & Repeat Actions

Tilia Phoenix brings an all new approach to step-and-repeat with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.

Impose with the click of a button

Quickly determine best fit and create print ready impositions. Add gutters, stagger, and head turns with ease.  

A better way to impose
Drag-and-drop items into positions

Fill a sheet with the click of a button. Add new items by dragging them into the user interface. 

Plan Smarter and Faster with Imposition A.I.

Planning for a print job can be a tricky process. Imposition A.I. software provides the insight planners need to quickly make more cost-informed decisions.

Production Simulation

Quickly switch between different presses, stock sizes, and finishing options to determine the most cost-effective way to impose jobs. 

Introducing Imposition A.I.
Smart Layouts

Make Imposition A.I. even smarter with additional constraints. Set rules on which products can mix or keep everything in lanes for simpler finishing. 

Plan rules for smarter layouts
Data-driven and Automated

Automate tilia Phoenix with data from your website or business system using CSV spreadsheets. Expand on automation with tilia Phoenix’s API. 

Modern software integrations

Model your cost centers to give estimators and planners better insight into the most efficient production plans. 

Ready to Learn More?

Discover how A.I.-driven software can revolutionize your printing business.

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Ready to Learn More?

Discover how A.I.-driven software can revolutionize your printing business.

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Dynamic Imposition for Digital Print

Working closely with the largest digital press manufacturers, tilia Phoenix was developed to be the most powerful and dynamic imposition solution to manage layout challenges for digital print. 

On Demand Batching

Batch and gang any number of sizes and quantities with the click of a button. Add barcodes and marks to track and trace items through production. 

Variable Data

Customize and personalize every item with simple variable data. 

Understanding dynamic marks

Completely optimize digital web presses by balancing across multiple lanes to utilize the full width of the web, driving down material and click costs. Split signatures between frames for total optimization. 

Ink Costing

Break down the cost of a digital job with an advanced analysis of ink cost. Estimate ink usage with accuracy whether your device is coverage-based or click-based. 

Universal Commercial Print Workflow

Tilia Phoenix makes it easier than ever before to prepare your offset or digital commercial print files. You can evaluate job ganging to reduce makeready, material, and plate costs.

Automated Job Ganging

Tilia Phoenix weighs the cost of changeover and makeready versus the cost to gang items together, creating the most cost-effective gang runs. 

Auto-Assign Artwork

Build an estimate inside of tilia Phoenix and easily assign approved artwork at a later time. 

Simple Artwork Assignments
Dynamic Book Imposition

Template-free impositioning for perfect bound, saddlestich, and smythsewn books. Auto-calculate the creep and create custom folding patterns with the user-friendly interface.

Watch this imposition demo
Smart Finishing Rules

Set up smart planning rules to keep products in groups or strips for easier finishing. Tilia Phoenix automatically optimizes for guillotine cutters and die-cutting equipment.

Connect Everything

Integrate with your existing business systems, websites, DFEs, and workflow tools in minutes.

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