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Printing Industries of America salutes Tilia Labs true AI with InterTech™ Technology Award

tilia Phoenix 7.0 planning and imposition software is recognized for industry-leading technology

(Ottawa, Canada) August 1st, 2019– Printing Industries of America (PIA) has honored Tilia Labs, Inc., a leading developer of planning, imposition, and Artificially Intelligent automation software solutions for the graphic arts industries, with a 2019 InterTech™ technology award. The Award recognizes tilia Phoenix 7.0 software for its development of Artificial Intelligence to improve production efficiencies across all print sectors including packaging, labels, commercial sheet and web, and wide format printing.

Tilia Phoenix 7.0 was developed to direct address today’s increasingly challenging production landscape in which print service providers handle a much wider variety of jobs using conventional, digital and large format devices. The InterTech™ panel noted Phoenix’s innovative approach to planning and imposition in operating according to machine and production requirements, rather than using templates. This enables Phoenix to generate print-ready layouts, JDF or die instructions and production reports, on-the-fly. The judges were particularly impressed by its unique use of cutting-edge AI technology to create purpose-designed AI algorithms, able to learn and adapt to live input without human assistance, in order to solve complex planning problems at unprecedented speeds.

Imposition AI is the power behind the capabilities of Phoenix 7.0. This employs intelligent machine-learning algorithms to navigate the entire production workspace, evaluating potentially millions of alternatives, and converging on globally optimal results. It also facilitates additional possibilities for streamlining daily production, such as on-the-fly last-minute equipment changes, aggregation of data for purchasing or operational decisions, and calculation of instant, accurate price estimates.

“Because it applies authentic, cutting-edge AI to the problem, Phoenix can consistently find better solutions that simply are not possible by traditional software means, resulting in return on investment that can be measured in months or even weeks,” says Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs. “It was our belief in the transformative potential of modern technology and design back in 2012 that drove us to set up Tilia Labs and it has been a labor of love building Phoenix’s Imposition AI from the ground up and finetuning it into the disruptive technology it has become today. We’re truly thrilled that PIA has recognized this achievement and its significance for the future of print.”

With development underway continuously, latest Phoenix updates specifically for print providers in the commercial and large-format markets are scheduled for later this year.

About Tilia Labs 

Tilia Labs is a software company based in Ottawa, Canada that builds prepress software for planning, imposition, and automation of applications spanning the full range of graphic arts sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing. With a keen focus on emerging IT developments, the company is dedicated to identifying disruptive technologies capable of delivering real competitive advantage to its customers and partners worldwide. Maintaining ease-of-use as a core principle, Tilia Labs has designed a portfolio of products to deliver a seamless interface between prepress data and production in generating fast, accurate estimates, reducing prepress time, automating error-prone tasks, maximizing media usage, and reducing post-press complexity. Founded in 2012, Tilia Labs has a network of partners and resellers worldwide. For more information visit:

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Tilia Labs’ development of cutting-edge AI technology for planning and imposition has been honoured with a 2019 InterTech™ award from Printing Industries of America.