Our Company

With more than 20 years of experience in project planning for folding carton manufacturing, we develop products that can handle the individual and complex requirements of variant configuration and provide industry-wide solutions for packaging manufacturers including: product configuration and calculation, order entry and execution, price and margin management, and master data management and compliance.

Since our founding in 2000, we have constantly added products and services to our portfolio. Constant adaptation is the foundation of our corporate culture and history. We began as configuration consultants and have progressed to being a systems solution provider.

Our Solutions

Our predefined ERP solution IS Packaging for Folding Carton is part of our industry solution IS Packaging, which combines applications of the SAP, ERP, S/4HANNA Business Suite with our configuration platform VCPowerPack.

With tailored functions, our ERP software solution fulfills the special requirements of product configuration and other registration of the folding carton manufacturing processes through pre-integrated, standardized, end-to-end solutions. Thanks to numerous interface integrations, process automation and simplified operation, you benefit from a fast and secure workflow.

IS Packaging for Folding Carton allows an instant configuration of all products – from simple sheets to complex sales displays. Multi-piece packages with components for different production and procurement procedures can simply be united. Simultaneously, all relevant data for production planning is transferred into a MES-Production Guidance System.

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