Tilia Labs Provides Rochester Institute of Technology Students with Access to Leading Technology for Print Production Planning

Software donation puts industry-leading planning and imposition technology into the hands of students.

Tilia Labs, Inc. (tilialabs.com), the leading developer of planning, imposition, and Artificially Intelligent (AI) software solutions announces partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology. To support RIT’s focus on science and technology, the partnership enables faculty and students access to industry leading AI software in the classroom and labs.

Developed for print service providers in all sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing, tilia Phoenix, is a sophisticated planning and imposition application, that employs AI technology to improve print job efficiencies, accelerate production, and reduce waste.

RIT (Rochester, NY) is recognized as a leading institution with a range of degree programs focused on trends, management practices, and technologies in the evolving printing and packaging industry. Adding tilia Phoenix to their curriculum further solidifies the school’s reputation for providing practical hands-on experience with leading technologies and best practices.

“Having faced these types of challenges with layout and imposition myself in various industry roles, I know first-hand how impactful this software can be,” said Bill Pope, Adjunct Professor and Director of Industry Relations/Academic Programs at RIT. “And after having the students attempt to solve these problems manually, then utilize the Phoenix software to automate the generating of optimized solutions, it just cemented the value of the artificial intelligence approach that Tilia Labs has taken. The students were blown away with how effortlessly the software solved various scenarios and really enjoyed the experience!”

Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D., the Administrative Chair of the Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology adds: “One of the goals of our revised curriculum is to expose students to leading edge technology solutions so that they develop proficiencies that are meaningful to the industry. Through Tilia Labs’ generous donation and support, we can continue that mission and produce graduates who are current with today’s technologies and can provide immediate impact at their future employers.”

“RIT has built its reputation on producing industry leaders and valuable scientific research,” explained Tilia Labs CEO, Sagen de Jonge. “We feel that it is important to support the future of the printing and packaging industry by introducing the next generation of professionals to leading technologies they are likely to encounter upon entering the industry.”

About tilia Phoenix

Tilia Phoenix Imposition AI takes an entirely different approach to common layout solutions. Rather than template-driven, it operates according to machine and production requirements to generate print-ready layouts on-the-fly. It factors in parameters, such as job specifications, print devices, finishing requirements, and delivery considerations, to search across potentially millions of possibilities for the optimal layout. When a final option has been selected, tilia Phoenix generates print-ready layouts and JDF or die instructions, and reports, for all devices in the production chain. Uniting planning and prepress functions, tilia Phoenix can be integrated into any workflow or MIS system enabling fast accurate estimates, accelerating prepress time, automating error-prone tasks, maximizing media usage, and reducing post-press complexity.

About Tilia Labs

Founded in 2012, Tilia Labs is a leading developer of prepress software for planning, imposition, and automation of applications spanning the full range of graphic arts sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing. With a focus on emerging IT developments, the company is dedicated to identifying disruptive technologies capable of delivering real competitive advantage to its customers and partners worldwide. Focused on ease-of-use as a core principle, Tilia Labs has designed a portfolio of products to deliver a seamless interface between prepress data and production. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Tilia Labs maintains a global network of partners and resellers.

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