Rethink planning and imposition

Sophisticated planning and imposition for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format.

Blazing Planning

Search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost effective layouts.

Strap on your rocket packs and get ready! At the heart of Phoenix is a blazing fast ganging engine designed to minimize both press costs and post-press complexity. Hours or even days of work can be reduced to mere minutes, and wait... here's the best part, layouts are print-ready!

A key advantage of Phoenix is it is designed to work well with both
square-cut and irregular shape designs, enabling users to use
the same tools across a variety of different work types.

Plan and Impose All Your Work

Phoenix is designed to be efficient with all different types of printed products.

  • Packaging & Labels

  • Commercial

  • Wide Format

  • Tags

  • Cards

Intent Based Planning

Phoenix is designed to model your shop and all the systems in it. This not only makes it intuitive but also extremely powerful as it can make decisions based on your real-world data.

  • Order details: quantity, grain, inks, bleed, etc.

  • Presses: Costs, capabilities, marks

  • Substrate: Type, grade, cost

  • Postpress considerations & costs

  • Plate costs

Choosing the Right Result

So how do you wade through the thousands of results Phoenix presents you with? Simply use the advanced ganging interface and tools to:

  • Sort results

  • Show detailed breakdown of costs

  • Review waste, press time, overruns, etc.

  • Large layout previews

Devices: One Size Fits All

Phoenix is designed to work with offset, digital, and wide format. Changing from one intent to another is braindead and Phoenix will even make intelligent cost-based suggestions on which route to go.

  • Offset

  • Digital

  • Wide Format

  • Plan for multiple presses at once

Existing Dies

Phoenix can use existing dies or "Standing Dies" to generate ganged layouts that are guarenteed to match the postpress processes you already have set-up. This can save countless hours of manual work with CAD-based workflows, but is also useful for commercial work.

  • Fast search across potentially hundreds of dies

  • Find the most cost effective ganged layouts for the given sheets and presses

  • Compare costs of using existing dies vs creating new dies

  • Shape detection for automatic artwork to die matching

See for yourself the power and flexibility of Phoenix

Our staff will be happy hear your pain points and show how it can all get better with Phoenix.