Rethink planning and imposition

Sophisticated planning and imposition for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format.

Precise Imposition

Create print-ready layouts with ease using fine grained item control and a rich set of dynamic marks.

With planning software, imposition is often an afterthought. Phoenix is different. In fact, Phoenix started out as an imposition solution and has one of the most comprehensive set of imposition tools on the market with every tool you need to get layouts ready for print quickly.

We have taken a fresh approach to each imposition task facing printers,
developing smarter tools that do the heavy lifting while still letting you drill into
each item for precise control.

Creating Layouts

Whether you do seamless repeats, square-cut or nested layouts directly from artwork, or work with existing CAD layouts, Phoenix has the right tool for you to create print-ready layouts in no time.

  • Single click grid-based repeats with smart Step & Repeat

  • Auto fill for single sheet or roll-fed seamless repeats

  • World's most advanced artwork to die snapping tool

  • Import and preserve all die line types

  • Intuitive artboard for creating manual layouts

Fine Tuning Layouts

Once a layout is created in Phoenix you should be ready to go, but for the cases where adjustments are needed Phoenix gives you pinpoint control over all aspects of the layout.

  • View and select any item in the layout in the Items panel

  • Control Z-order with fast drag and drop in item list

  • Product View for editing individual 1-ups in the job

  • Alignment tool with key object alignment, distribute, and more

  • Select any die lines in two items to move relative positions

  • Hot keys for item swapping, duplication, and grouping

Sheet and Plate Marks

Precise sheet and plate marks are critical for production and post-press. Phoenix has a rich set of dynamic sheet and plate marks designed to go in the right place with the right inks and text every time.

  • PDF-based marks with dynamic ink and keyword mappings

  • Dynamic barcodes with 16 supported symbologies

  • Automatic camera marks supporting all cutting table vendors

  • Text marks supporting over 200 dynamic keywords

  • Ink eaters with options to avoid product regions

  • Crop marks, bearer bars, eyelet marks, and more!

Item and Group Marks

Phoenix marks are equally powerful at the group and item level. Smart marks are applied once and propagated throughout the layout, updating automatically when content changes.

  • Dynamic barcodes

  • Station number marks and numbering tool

  • Dieshape marks for die knockout or underprint

  • Corner and center registration marks

  • Color patch marks

  • Product marks synchronized across all instances in job

Artwork Bleed Masking

Controlling artwork bleed is another important step when getting layouts ready to print. Phoenix has a number of tools for creating bleed masks and quickly resolving bleed overlaps.

  • Auto-generated rectangular or contour-based bleed masks

  • Find and resolve dozens of overlaps in a single click

  • Extend and split bleeds to use existing marks in artwork

  • Bisect any overlap region to resolve portions differently

  • Split all overlaps in one step

See for yourself the power and flexibility of Phoenix

Our staff will be happy hear your pain points and show how it can all get better with Phoenix.