Wide format: ready, set, GO!

A powerful, insanely easy, automatic layout solution for wide format printers.

Say Hello to Griffin

  • Simple design, minimal training

  • True shape nesting with any rotation

  • Ultra responsive user interface

  • Blazing speeds with 64-bit architecture

  • Barcode tracking, camera registration, grommets and more

Griffin is a powerful automatic layout solution for wide format printers. It sports a modern, ultra-responsive interface, beautiful visuals, and intuitive design. Under the hood Griffin leverages the blazing fast Phoenix nesting engine to create true-shape tightly nested layouts, helping drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. A key advantage of Griffin is its vendor neutrality. It is designed to work well with virtually all printing machines and cutting tables. Any print shop creating layouts manually and struggling to meet deadlines or failing to maximize substrate usage will enjoy immediate benefits with Griffin. With its simple design, little to no training is needed to get up and running.

Griffin Workflow

Griffin’s workflow and design is so simple and intuitive even the most novice user can be up and running in no time.

  • Add Input

    Import multiple artwork files. PDF, AI and standard image formats supported.

  • Prepare

    Specify production settings, create and edit tool paths, add marks.

  • Nesting

    Run nesting to generate tighly nested cost optimal layouts.

  • Print & Cut

    Output layouts to any device for printing and cutting.

Add Input

Jobs in Griffin start by importing your graphic artwork files.

File Formats

PDF, AI and many standard image formats are supported including TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF. Multi page PDFs are automatically separated into multiple items.

Auto-detect Changes

Changes made to artwork files outside of Griffin are automatically detected and updated in the job cutting out the tiresome task of updating each file manually.

Big Files

We know that you often have to deal with heavy files that cause pain. Griffin has been tested to import and utilize big files without issue.


Griffin has all the tools you need to prepare your files for printing and cutting.

Create Tool Paths

Create cutting, creasing, scoring, or any type of tool path from separation colors or PDF layers. Tool paths can also be drawn from scratch.

Automate Tool Path Creation

Create tool types and add separation and layer mappings to them to automatically create tool paths on import.

Tool Path Drawing & Editing

Leverage professional drawing and editing tools to directly create and modify tool paths. Highlights include full bezier curve editing capabilities, anchor point addition/removal, segment cutting, and rectangle and ellipse drawing.

Offset Cut Path

Generate cut paths offset from the original cut path based on tool type (bit size) or a custom size.

Job Properties

Specify job properties including job ID, job name, contact name, notes and more. These properties can then be used in the job with dynamic marks.

Artwork Production Settings

Specify quantity to be printed, size, back artwork, mirroring, bleed mask, nesting spacing, and grain direction.

Double Sided

Place front artwork on the back as is, mirrored, or select artwork files for the front and back separately for full control.

Multi Select

Select multiple artwork items at once and make batch edits to their settings.


Add marks such as grommets, barcodes, dyanmic text, and shape fill marks.


Who said nesting was hard? It is, we know, very hard, but not anymore :)

Building on years of development and experience, Griffin utilizes the blazing fast Phoenix nesting engine to create true-shape tightly nested layouts helping drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. Find the most cost effective way to produce jobs in minutes that previously would’ve taken hours manually.

True shape nesting

Griffin can handle it all: rectangular, elliptical, irregular shapes, you name it. Users have at their disposal powerful settings such as free nesting, grid nesting, guillotine, and much more to tailor results to their requirements.

Double Sided

Griffin will automatically generate double sided layouts in the most cost effective way based on the artwork provided. Front and back are synchronized at all times reducing the risk of errors with no effort required.

Fine Tuned

The nesting engine used by Griffin is completely designed and developed in house at Tilia Labs allowing it to be fine tuned specifically for Griffin's needs to compute optimal, print-ready layouts.

Roll or Board-based

Griffin is built to handle any device. So if you are creating jobs to be printed on a board-based substrate you can select your specific board size and guarantee great results. If you are printing on a roll-based substrate select a roll width and min/max cut-offs and Griffin will generate tightly packed output with variable heights.

Any Rotation

Drive down material waste on even the most complex jobs with support for any rotation nesting. Griffin will rotate items at any angle to tightly pack items together with amazing results.

Substrate Library

Configure substrates as boards or rolls to re-use for each job. Specify margins, smart marks, nesting settings and more.

Print & Cut

Output files for printing and cutting from a single source reducing time and guarenteeing perfect registration.

Registration Marks

Griffin has built-in support for camera registration marks. Place marks in the corners or automatically distribute them throughout the layout. Mark settings can be saved as presets for each substrate automating the selection process.

Barcode Marks

Add Code 39, Code 128, or QR Code barcodes to your layout. Use dynamic keywords to specify job information to track output. Specify smart position rules to place marks in specific locations on the layout.

Vendor Neutral

A key advantage of Griffin is its vendor neutrality. It is designed to work well with all printing machines and cutting tables.

Avoid Registration Issues

Griffin manages graphics files and tool paths ensuring output for printing and cutting will perfectly match.

Reduce Time with Presets

Reduce time and errors by saving output presets for your different devices.

Work with any RIP

Griffin output will work with all commonly used RIP systems. Output files can be grouped together or split into separate files for each layout.


Griffin sports a modern, ultra-responsive user interface with beautiful visuals and intuitive design.

Griffin is built on top of Tilia Labs new Aries UI platform inspired by Google’s Material design style and methodology. The result is a stunning user experience that is easy on the eyes and a joy to use.

Little Training Required

Each tool in Griffin has been distilled to its purest form. Combine this with an extremely intuitive user interface and you have software that requires little to no training to get up and running.

Multiple Jobs

Work on multiple jobs at once by simply creating or opening a new job window. Nesting can be performed in the background while editing other jobs.

Mac & Windows

Griffin is 100% cross platform running with the same interface on Mac and Windows. Files formats are also fully compatiible between OS's.

Griffin Feature Comparison

Griffin comes in two different flavors, Griffin Go and Griffin Pro

Griffin Go offers all the essential features for generating nested layouts to output for printing and cutting. Griffin Pro adds on extra power with features such as any rotation, roll support, larger output sizes and more.

Griffin Go

  • 20
  • 3.5 x 3.5 meters

Griffin Pro

  • 100
  • 10 x 10 meters

System Requirements


  • • macOS 10.9+
    • X86 64-bit compatible (Intel) CPU. Dual-core processor or higher is strongly recommended
    • Minimum 4GB RAM. 8GB RAM is recommended
    • 40GB free space is required
    • 1280 x 800 or higher


  • • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • X86 64-bit compatible (Intel) CPU. Dual-core processor or higher is strongly recommended
    • Minimum 4GB RAM. 8GB RAM is recommended
    • 40GB free space is required
    • 1280 x 800 or higher

Give Griffin a try and see just how easy and powerful it is

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