Rethink planning and imposition

Sophisticated planning and imposition for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format.

Lights Out Automation

Use Enfocus Switch, Hot Folders, or a custom REST-based client to fully automate Phoenix.

Phoenix provides the ultimate flexibility when it comes to automation. In a world with hundreds of different sytems out there, one size doesn't fit all. Our philosophy is make things open, so whether it be plug and play with Enfocus Switch, custom scripted hot folders, or full-on web based REST-client, the sky's the limit.

Automate repetitive tasks.
Reduce errors.
Work less, do more!

Enfocus Switch

Enfcus Switch integration provides completely headless automation with the Phoenix Plan configurator.

  • Harnesses the full power of Phoenix Plan inside Switch

  • Import product orders from CSV or in direct PDF input

  • All product properties are available for total control over how products are defined in Phoenix

  • Imposed PDF & JDF output using Phoenix presets

  • Generate die layouts, and detailed PDF or XML reports

  • Detailed XML datasets are attached to all output files

Visit Enfocus website to learn more about Switch

Hot Folders

Create hot folders and define a chain of actions to perform. Once started, the hot folders will pick up Phoenix resource XML files or other third-party formats and drive the job to completion headlessly.

  • Over 25 actions available. Automate all major planning and imposition workflows in Phoenix.

  • All export actions supported: PDF/JDF, die layouts, reporting, vector separations, and more

  • Simple XML format for describing resource files and properties

  • Powerful scripting capabilities available through the JavaScript scripting interface

  • Real-time logging via Hot Folder View in Phoenix

REST Web Service

Phoenix REST-based Web Service is a first of its kind for imposition and planning software, and represents the most comprehensive option for automating Phoenix. The web service provides a superset of all methods available in Hot Folders and Enfocus Switch and opens up most of the functionality found in Phoenix.

  • Complete automation of most features in Phoenix including all ganging tools and export actions

  • Standards-based REST interface. Connect to service from virtually any programming language and platform.

  • Full support for both JSON and XML inputs and outputs.

  • Live Documentation feature for viewing all API methods and calling into the service interactively from a user friendly web page

  • Ability to fully manage libraries including presses, sheets, and plates

See for yourself the power and flexibility of Phoenix

Our staff will be happy hear your pain points and show how it can all get better with Phoenix.